Bus Wash RBE / RBG 6000 fully automatic gantry-type wash :

Thanks to its modular method of construction, the RBE / RBG 6000 washinconcept can be adapted to suit the individual requirements of company fleets .
The operation of an RBE / RBG 6000 plant starts being profitable from as few as 8washes per day.
RBE models are suitable for closed vehicles
while the RBG models are used for a mixed fleet.

In addition, the RBG models offer services such as high-pressure wash up to 100 bar, short-travel wash and stationary drive-through wash.
The 6200 models work with two brushes while the 6300 models use three (roof brush).
Standard equipment :
Operating sequence - Vehicle is stationary during washing process
Gantry travels over the vehicle
First brush wash, plus possible prespraying
Second brush wash, rinsing, plus possible high-shine finisher
Optional: drive-through wash

Design - Gantry-type construction
2 side brushes, on 6300 models: 1 roof brush

Application - Allround commercial vehicle wash (truck, bus, semi-trailer train)
Not suitable for washing silo or construction vehicles

Target groups - Haulage companies, bus and coach operators with 15 vehicles or more


RBE / RBG 6000 Standard equipment and features


RBE / RBG 6000 - Technical data