:: CWP 800 ::

Technichal Data :

Water connection: 4-6/100 bar/l/min
Connection 400 V, 3~50 Hz: min. 3,5 kW; max. 22 kW
Washing height: 2080/2250/2500; 2650/2800 mm
Washing width: 2200/2400 mm
Cars/hour: max. 20

Applications :

Gas stations, car dealers, garages
Washing- and shopping centres

Product description :

The CWP 8000 is the top model among Karcher's car washing plants: an expandable washing system for different demands and customer's hall sizes.
The CWP 8000 can be configured as portal-, tandem- or tact washing plant.
That way 12, 16 or 20 cars can be cleaned per hour. Cleaning of cars is optimized with the CWP 8000: the high-pressure main wash with 60 bar and Karcher's newest high-pressure technique guarantees an effective protection of the car's paint. The washing concept is open .
The operator has got total control of programming the plant.
The main idea behind the Tandem-plant is easy. Two machines wash faster than one! There are three performance classes available (good, better, best).
The Takt plant is even faster. Here the washing-hall is split by a door. The program is divided into two steps: Washing and drying. During the washing the driver stays in the vehicle and drives from the first to the second machine after the opening of the doors. The system needs only a simple equipment, that is why the Takt-plant is very low cost.