Information, Exhaust Extraction

Hose and fan
A simple solution for exhaust problems in smaller workshops. The system consists of a single hose and a nozzle connected to a fan. With a balancer the hose is kept lifted from the floor. The fan is manually switched on and the exhaust duct can go through the wall or roof of the building.

Different ways of getting clean,
fresh air at the working site

More hoses and one fan

In bigger workshops the extractors can be connected to a central ducting fitted with a stronger fan. This solution is suitable when the extracted air volume can be regarded as part of the ordinary air change.

Extractorsmounted on swinging arms

A solution i.e. when
extraction takes place
during short driving
distances or when the
extraction unit must
cover a wide floor area.
The exhaust hose is
connected to a central
ducting or to a fan
mounted on the
swinging arm. There
are 4 different arm
lengths from 3 - 8
meters available.


Exhaust Hose Reels
Hose reels, spring operated

Exhaust hose reels provide a simple and costeffective way to take care of exhaust fumes and long, cumbersome hoses.
Exhaust hoses are wound on their drums when not in use but are always handy when needed. The reels take up little space and can be mounted on ceilings or walls.
A flexible and economical solution for vehicle repair shops with fixed work stations.


Hose reels on swinging arms

The combination of a swinging suspension
arm and a spring operated exhaust reel
is a good solution when the reel needs
to be moved between different work places.
There are 3 arm lengths between 2,5 - 4,5 meter.

Exhaust reels,power operated

The power driven exhaust reel is an excellentsolution when the emphasis is on accessibility and flexibility.
In places with high ceilings where overhead cranes are in use, the power driven exhaust reel is the answer.
The reel is operated using a separate, ergonomically designed control box or an external, freely suspended switch box.