Head Light Testers :

Headlight Testing Device
LITE 1.1 / LITE 1.2

Mobile headlight testing device on tracks or rollers
- Folding mirror for alignment of the lens
- Fresnel-Lens
- Height adjustable screen with %-scale
- Automatic locking of column and housing
- Suitable for left-hand driving also
- Additional Description for LITE 1.2
- CCD-camera for recording and digitalizing of the headlight image
- Single-Chip-Processor for camera control incl. picture storage and evaluation program as well as vectoring of the image with results
- Operations pad for storing, low beam, high beam and fog lights
- LED-cross wire with 13 Light diodes for measurement results display
- Interface RS 232 to transmit the measurement dat to the data processing device (e.g. PC)
- Adaptability on the test lane "EURO-SYSTEM" with clear display of the measurement values on a color screen.