Sirion "Computerized Wheel Balancer"

Main Features :
15" SVGA Monitor with 3D graphics and 4096 colour combination.
Program operated by multifunction icons and keys.
Automatic Start by lowering the wheel guard.
Footbrake to ease locking and unlocking wheels on adaptors as well as for counterweight fitting.
Automatic braking and wheel positioning with fine approximation on external side.
Automatic wheel positioning on internal side simply by pressing keyboard.
Balancing speed lower than 100 rpm.
Self calibration and self diagnosis programs.
Multi-operator program to enable 4-different operators to memorize dimensions of 4-different vehicles at the same time.
Wheel dimensions shown in inches or milimeters.
Indication of unbalance in grams or ounces.
ALU programs and motorcycle programs.
ALU-S program automatic.
SPLIT (Hidden Weight) program to divide counterweights behind spokes of alloy rims.
Automatic input of wheel distance and diameter.
Automatic input of wheel width.(optional)
Optimization program to compansate the tyre unbalance with the rim unbalance.